Our Civil Society, CCF Israel – Coalition for Children and Family would like to complain about Ms. Hila Tene Gilad, a member of the Israeli delegation coming to Geneva in 2 weeks for the 66 Session on the Periodic ESCR Review of Israel.
Ms. Tene Gilad is persecuting human rights defenders in Israel and trying to silence protesters by filing false police complaints. She was assisted by her direct supervisor Ms. Emy Palmor (now fired by the new Minister of Justice Amir Ohana – due to her nepotism and corruption).  Ms. Palmor will not be showing up in UN sessions any more.
Specifically, Ms. Tene Gilad (Israel ID 025565300) filed a false police complaint with the Tel Aviv precinct on July 7, 2016 against Journalist Ms. Lori Shem Tov, claiming that Ms. Shem Tov harassed her in Geneva during a previous ICCPR  Session in which Tene Gilad participated.  She claimed that she identified Ms. Lori Shem Tov together with attorney Yaniv Moyal and another person on October 20, 2014.  she claimed Ms. Shem Tov tried to approach her and she ignored her.  She said Shem Tov harassed Israeli delegates.  She also claimed She saw Shem Tov in Geneva in 2011 at the previous Israel CESCR review.  She also claimed Ms. Shem Tov published articles against her, with intent to trash her reputation.
All the above was false.  Ms. Shem Tov never visited Switzerland.  In fact a no exit has been placed against her a long time ago, and she hardly speaks English.
Ms. Tene Gilad also said at the Israel police that she contacted Israel chief prosecutor to contact Google to have the publications deleted.
Her former boss, Emy Palmor also a delegate to the Working Session gave speeches to the press that Israeli NGOs are working in Geneva to throw mud on the reputation of the Israeli Ministry of Justice.
As a result, a criminal investigation started based on TENE GILAD’s police complaints, the police obtained warrants claiming that Shem Tov uses a false passport to escape Israel, run to Geneva to lobby against Israel, and returned under false identity.   No forged passport was found, but Shem Tov was arrested and her computers confiscated.
Also Judge Eitan Orenshtein of Tel Aviv District Court signed an ex parte order allowing Israel police to enter Shem Tov’s home and place a wiretap/spyware in her computer to divert her internet traffic.
Shem Tov is a journalist.  She is now 2 years in detention.  Given Ms. Hila Tene Gilad’s false claims to threaten journalists and lawyers appearing in Geneva against Israel, social activists are now afraid to make arrangements to come to the Working Session.
We urge you to revoke Ms. Hilas Tene Gilad and Ms. Emy Palmor’s security clearance to enter UN premises, or to represent Israel.  While they maintain a facade of respectable diplomatic personae, back at home they ruthlessly use tactics of false police complaints, and ex parte wiretap orders to scare people and activists.  It appears that thee two delegate play a foul game in the diplomatic arena, and violate basic notions of fair play.
At minimum, assurances that these two, Hila Tene Gilad and Emy Palmor do not retaliate against NGO representatives after the session in Israel, using their influence on Police and Judges.
A no exit order was issued against Ms. Shem Tov.  She made an application to lift the no exit order so that she can travel to Geneva for the upcoming Session in October 2019.  The Israeli Court, Judge Avraha, Himan has refused to even consider the application, because according to him “the language is not clean”.  On the same day, the State National Prosecutors (signed by Aryeh Peter on behalf of SHAI NITZAN) issued an alert to the President of the Supreme Court, Esther Hayut, telling President Hayut that Shem Tov intends to travel to Geneva and “defame”Israeli Judges – and that it is outrageous to even think of letting Shem Tov travel to Geneva.  
They asked President judge Hayut (THE CHIEF JUDGE OF ALL ISRAEL) to personally issue an order imposing significant monetary costs and sanctions upon Lori Shem Tov, saying that only hitting citizens in the wallet will teach them not to “defame”Israeli Judges.
CCF Israel


ביום 27/2/17 נעצרה העיתונאית לורי שם טוב מעצר פוליטי, על פרסום כתבות ביקורת על שופטים, עובדים סוציאליים ועובדי ציבור. השופטת רונית פוזננסקי כץ שטיפלה בחלק נכבד של בקשות המשטרה לצווי חיפוש במחשבים של שם טוב, הודתה בתיק אחר (אלוביץ-בזק) כי קיבלה את פני השוטרים אצלה בבית, ולא בבית המשפט, כי השוטרים בחרו בה כי ידעו שהיא נוהגת לחתום ולתת להם את כל מבוקשם ללא בעיות וללא חקירות, ולמעשה שימשה השופטת פוזננסקי כץ, סניף של הפרקליטות בתוך בית המשפט.
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